About Cleveland Country Club

Nestled between the bustling city life of Charlotte and the serene mountains of Asheville in the heart of Shelby, North Carolina lies one of the area's most historic Country Clubs.

Cleveland Country Club has been providing its members with a pleasant, private club experience since 1927. With a unique blend of Southern hospitality, charm, and a genuine welcoming warmth, Cleveland Country Club creates an unmatched social experience.

As the Club has evolved, the simple traditions that define Cleveland Country Club have been preserved. The same children who once played and danced in the halls or spent hot summer days by the pool, now bring their children and grandchildren to create new memories and traditions. Couples celebrate their golden anniversaries where they first met and married. Guests attending our social events find the perfect blend of superb amenities and memorable experiences.

For more than 90 years, the foundation of genuine hospitality has remained constant. Between Urban City Life and The Appalachian Mountains exists a club, a gathering place of friends and family, where the world is almost perfect. That place is the Cleveland Country Club.

Cleveland Country Club
1360 E Marion Street
Shelby, NC 28150